Pictures of wargraves

This site shows photographs of war graves in the Royal Naval Cemetery at Lyness, Isle of Hoy, Orkney in Scotland. There are more than 600 pictures, not just of individual gravestones but also of some of the monuments that are located in the cemetery. Apart from British casualties, there are also a number of Germans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and Norwegians - in addition to Chinese and Persians.

The cemetery is located along the road from Lyness to Moaness, about half a mile from the ferry terminal that links the south of Hoy to Houton on Mainland Orkney. Another ferry departs Moaness for Stromness, located 8 miles away in the north of the island.

The photographs were taken in the morning of 5 October 2008, in bright sunshine. Some gravestones were partially obscured by trailing bushes, necessitating strange angles - the bushes also cast shadows which impede legibility as well.

Details on Commonwealth War Graves on the CWGC website

Last updated: February 2024